How to Rent the Fields

Thank you for your interest in renting field space!

The Shelburne Field House is currently booked on weekends from 7am-11pm and weekdays from 3:30-11pm until April 2023. We have some time available during the day on School Vacation weeks!

So you’re interested in renting the fields…

Before contacting us please think over the following questions:

1)    Am I looking at a weekly rental or a short-term rental?

2)    What would be the perfect day and time span for my rental? Do I have any flexibility in order to get field space and/or discounted field space?

3)    What does my budget look like? – If I am constrained to a certain number, would I be able to move to a different day or time in order to match my budget?

4)    How many hours will set-up and break-down take – will I want to arrive early to get situated?

5)    How many people do I suspect will be using the field/facility at any one time?

6)    Do I have additional needs? Parking, Food space, etc.

After you have gathered the above information, please contact the Field House Director by email at

Our “busy” season runs from Mid-October to the end of April.  Field availability is limited during this time – meaning those interested in a weekly long-term rentals (weekly rentals lasting more than 5 consecutive weeks) during any of this time should contact us as early as possible, as we solidify long-term rentals in the summer months.  Rentals from May until Mid-October may be subject to reduced ‘off-season’ rates.

More information regarding small group (under 5) open hour rentals or Birthday Parties can be found elsewhere (click on the links).