The Shelburne Field House is currently booked on weekends from 7am-11pm and weekdays from 3:30-11pm until April 2023. If you are looking for a birthday party we only have time available during the day on School Vacation weeks!

The Field House is a great place to have a sports birthday party, or just avoid the hassle of having all of the kids at your house!

We have two main options for birthday parties –
1) Field Rental Only – additional space and time for cake and presents, etc can be arranged.
2) Field Rental + Equipment + Field House Staff member to run the birthday party. Birthday parties with a staff member and our equipment are $50/hr per staff member plus the cost of the field. The staff member will handle organizing games, explaining game rules, making sure everyone has fun on the fields, etc. For birthday parties over 12 kids, we ask that a parent/friend help out on the fields or an additional Field House staff member is arranged. Typically with this option, you only pay for the time on the fields, and additional time off the fields for cake, presents, etc is included.

Contact us today to set up a time for your son’s or daughter’s party!